Love and Respect Couples Seminar

Ever wonder what the secret is to a “good” marriage?  Maybe the struggle with seeing or being in strained marriage relationships has you afraid of that “m” word.  It doesn’t take an expert to realize that men and women are different.  Obviously, there are physiological differences, but they also have completely different perspectives and approaches to things.  Understanding how the opposite gender works is one of the major keys to meeting their needs.  Meeting their needs is, also, helpful in having your needs met.

Dealing in different “relationship currencies” means making some changes, but it requires understanding those “currencies” and learning the correct “exchange rate.”  Emmerson Eggerichs presents an excellent explanation in how to convert the relationship “currency” you naturally use into the relationship “currency” your spouse or significant other uses.  It will revolutionize your relationship… even if you already have a fairly healthy one!  We have couples with excellent marriages who participate in this workshop every time we offer it because it is so enjoyable and helpful.

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