Ministry Survey (Jan/Feb 2023)

VBC Ministry Interest Survey (Jan 2023)
The Lord is bringing many new people into VBC. With that come new ideas for ministries to pursue and how to do things. We want to be sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is leading us to do as a church. To help facilitate we have compiled the following list of potential areas of service provided by various ministry team leaders (Trustees, Deaconesses, Christian Ed. Board, Missionary Com., etc.). Please prayerfully consider how the Lord may be leading you, Indicate your interest/calling by checking as many things as catch your interest. Bear in mind that not every ministry is either currently available or going to be assigned just because someone is interested in doing it. Your interest in a ministry or suggestion of an idea does not guarantee you will be able to serve in it at this time. We are trying to assess what the Lord is doing.
All children's and youth workers must meet background check and safety requirements as put forth by the Christian Education Board of VBC.
To maintain solid biblical teaching, the Christian Education Board of VBC prefers teachers to have a basic how to study the Bible course or comparable experience. This is available upon request and is designed to be very basic, simple, and accessible to equip and prepare teachers.